Final Report Presentation of Community Service DRPM UI Geography Lecturer FMIPA-UI

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DRPM UI Community Service Presentation and Poster (10 -11 December)

Located at R. Terapung, Library, UI Depok Campus

Attachment to Letter No.7818/UN2.R3.1/PPM.00/2018

  1. Supriatna
    Ecotourism Development WebGIS Application for Youth Organizations in Parakansalak Village, Parakansalak District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java
    IbM . Schema
    Technology and Information Application Village Discussion Theme

2. Maria Hedwig Dewi Susilowati
Application of Multilevel Plant Technology in Densely Populated Residential Areas in Sukamaju Village, Cilodong District, Depok City
IbM Scheme, Green Village

3. Rokhmatuloh
Utilization of Remote Sensing Image Data to Determine Priority Locations for Green Open Spaces (RTH) as Child-Friendly Integrated Public Spaces in Palembang City
IbM, Green Village

4. Tayuddin
Management of Water Resources in the Ciliwung Watershed Supporting Village/Kelurahan Development
Study—-.Recommendation of the parties

And other Geography lecturers who were involved became Member researchers.


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