Dra. Astrid Damayanti, M.Si.

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Dra. Astrid Damayanti, M.Si.

Dra. Astrid Damayanti, M.Si.

E-mail: astrid.damayanti@sci.ui.ac.id

Alamat: Ruang H102, Gedung H Lantai 1, FMIPA Universitas Indonesia, Depok, 16424, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Telepon kantor: +622178886680

Born in Madiun, East Java, 5th April 1968. Following from SMAN 8 Jakarta in 1986, completed Sarjana Degree at Department of Geography Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Indonesia with specialization in the subject of physical geography/geomorphology in 1992. In 2000, obtained Master’s degree at Faculty of Gegraphy, Universitas Gadjah Mada, with subject specialization in climatology. Began as a faculty member in the Department of Geography since graduating in 1992 as assistant lecturer some courses, in Population Geography, Geography of Natural Resources, Land Use and Regional Geography of Indonesia. At the same time also engaged as asisstant researcher at the Research Center for Science and Technology (PPST), UI Research Institute until 1997. Got a job Education Coordinator for the Department of Geography, after completing Master’s degree. Active as reviewer in monitoring and evaluation of academic activities organized by the Academic Quality Assurance Agency (BPMA) UI since 2005. Research interests are in the field of physical geography (meteorology, climatology, geomorphology, and hydrology). In addition to teaching duties, as the Head of Subdirectorate for Academic Staff Development at the Directorate of Academic Development, Universitas Indonesia (2006-2010).

Doktoranda (Dra.) Geografi, Universitas Indonesia 
Magister Sains (M.Si.) Geografi (Klimatologi), Universitas Gadjah Mada

Dinamika Bentang Alam, Teknologi Spasial untuk Kehidupan

Meteorologi, Klimatologi, Geomorphologi, dan hidrologi