Socio-Economic Transformation

This research group examines the relationship between economic change, social change, and regional dynamics. The problems discussed in this cluster are the dynamics of life amid changing conditions in society and an increasingly connected world. Discusses various issues related to lifestyle changes, urbanism, spatial competition, disorientation in urban development, adaptation and resilience, social inequality, environmental governance, public health, pockets of poverty, urban slums, and quality of life.


1. Pranda Mulya Putra, S.Si., M.Si.
2. Nurrokhmah Rizqihandari, S.Si, M.Si.
3. Dra. Widyawati, MSP


  • Spatial distribution of restaurant popularity index based on consumer review (2020)
    Authors: Susiloningtyas, D., Tio, A., Supriatna, Shidiq, I.P.A.
  • The impact of greening the narrow alleys of densely populated settlements on the reduction of urban heat in Jakarta (2020)
    Authors: Anggrahita, H., Susilowati, M.H.D., Guswandi, Purwanto, S.A.
  • Sustainable aquaculture management of Vanamei Shrimp (Liptopenaeus vannamei) in Batukaras village, Pangandaran, Indonesia (2020)
    Authors: Achmad, A., Susiloningtyas, D., Handayani, T.
  • Climate Change and Migration: A Case Study of Coastal Household in Delta Mahakam-Kalimantan (2020)
    Authors: Hidayati, I., Setiadi, H.
  • Socio-ecological forest landscape of Peleng Island, Central Sulawesi (2020)
    Authors: Al-Husna, R.A.F., Nurlambang, T.
  • Toward a community resilience framework for disaster risk management. a case study: Landslide Cisolok in Sukabumi 2018 and Sunda strait tsunami in Pandeglang 2018 (2020)
    Authors: Shalih, O., Setiadi, H., Nurlambang, T., Sumadio, W.
  • Resilience of Flood Disasters in the Wanggu Watershed, Kendari City (2020)
    Authors: Saleh, T.R.M., Setiadi, H.
  • Characteristic of popular culinary place in Kelurahan Tamalanrea Indah based on Universitas Hassanudin student’s Mental Maps (2020)
    Authors: Maharani, N., Setiadi, H., Rizqihandari, N.
  • Passengers’ deviant behavior mapping in train cars: Commuter line Tangerang-Duri (2020)
    Authors: Zubair, A., Setiadi, H., Sumadio, W.
  • Water quality index analysis of lake Rawa Besar, Depok, West Java, and its relationship with land use (2020)
    Authors: Lukiyansah, E., Tambunan, M.P., Marko, K.
  • Socio-economic changes around Jatigede reservoir, Kabupaten Sumedang, Jawa Barat (2020)
    Authors: Susilowati, M.H.D., Setiadi, H., Hikmawati, F.R.
  • Development Stage of Tourism Objects in Malang Regency, East Java (2020)
    Authors: Cintya Pradipta Hapsari, K., Susilowati, M.H.D., Candra Restuti, R.
  • A spatial time series forecasting for mapping the risk of COVID-19 pandemic over Bandung Metropolitan Area, West Java, Indonesia (2020)
    Authors: Manessa, M.D.M., Kamil, R., Setiaji, S., Ningrum, I., Suseno, W., Rahmayanti, I., Zulkarnain, F., Ardiansyah, A., Lesmini, I., Tasdiq, R.H., Moe, I.R.