Landscape Dynamics

This research group discusses landscape processes and systems, both shaped by natural laws and human influences, and how changes in landscapes could impact people’s life. Particular attention is paid to dynamics and processes in the tropical environment, land-atmosphere interactions, and interactions between mountainous, coastal, hilly landscapes, climate phenomena (climate change, hydrometeorological disasters), and human systems (adaptation and resilience) as the basis for disaster and ecosystem studies.


1. Riza putera, S.Si., M.Si.
2. Nurul Sri Rahatiningtyas, S.Si., M.Si.
3. Faris Zulkarnain, S.Si., M.T.
4. Dra. Ratna Saraswati, M.S.
5. Kuswantoro, S.Si., M.Sc.
6. Dra. Astrid Damayanti, M.Si.
7. Dr. Supriatna, M.T.
8. Andry Rustanto, S.Si., M.Sc.


  • Vulnerability assessment of landslide areas in Ci Manuk Upstream Watershed, Garut District, West Java Province (2020)
    Authors: Fauzan, M.E., Damayanti, A., Saraswati, R.
  • Spatial and temporal pattern of soil conservation in mountain ecosystem: Case study of Patuha Mountain, West Java-Indonesia (2020)
    Authors: Firdhauzi, S.N., Damayanti, A., Semedi, J.M., Dimyati, M.
  • Spatial dynamics of Tsunami prone areas in Pariaman City, West Sumatera (2020)
    Authors: Supriatna, S., Pratiwi, S.F., Marko, K., Manessa, M.D.M., Ristya, Y.
  • Distribution pattern of Gunung Sewu karst doline water utilization: A case study of doline in Semanu and Ponjong Sub Subdistrict, Gunungkidul Regency) (2020)
    Authors: Reynaldi, D.T., Damayanti, A., Taqyuddin
  • Spatial Analysis of Deforestation in Water Recharge Area at the Toyoaning Sub-Watershed as a Drought Mitigation Effort (2020)
    Authors: Bawafi, H., Indra, T.L., Kusratmoko, E., Damayanti, A.
  • Vulnerability of the East Coast of Balikpapan City in East Kalimantan (Lamaru Beach – Klandasan Beach) (2020)
    Authors: Camila, T.R., Saraswati, R.
  • Estimation of erosion rate in Cileungsi upper watershed Bogor Regency (2020)
    Authors: Widyasa, P.A., Kusratmoko, E., Marko, K.
  • Loss levels regarding flood affected areas in the upper Citarum Watershed (2020)
    Authors: Fernandos, Tambunan, M.P., Marko, K.
  • Water quality in Ci Lutung Watershed (Case study: Ci Jurey Sub-Watershed and Ci Deres Sub-Watershed) (2020)
    Authors: Nabila, S., Kusratmoko, E., Marko, K.
  • Coastline Changes on the Coast of Cirebon Using Landsat (2020)
    Authors: Khadijah, Saraswati, R., Wibowo, A.
  • Modelling Tsunami Level of Hazard in Pariaman Coastal Area, West Sumatera (2020)
    Authors: Ikhsanti, H., Saraswati, R., Sri Rahatiningtyas, N.
  • Tidal flood hazard in coastal area of Tangerang Regency (2020)
    Authors: Hanif Wibowo, W., Saraswati, R., Sri Rahatiningtyas, N.
  • Place exposure pattern toward landslide disaster due to heavy rainfall in Probolinggo District, East Java (2020)
    Authors: Nanda, R.F., Sobirin, Saraswati, R.
  • Fabric study in metamorphic rocks in Karangsambung, Kebumen, Central Java (2020)
    Authors: Putri, A.A.O., Augusty, D.G., Sihombing, F.M.H., Indra, T.L.