Socio-Economic Transformation

This research group examines the relationship between economic change, social change, and regional dynamics. The problems discussed in this cluster are the dynamics of life in the midst of changing conditions in society and an increasingly connected world. Discusses various issues related to lifestyle changes, urbanism, spatial competition, disorientation in urban development, adaptation and resilience, social inequality, environmental governance, public health, pockets of poverty, urban slums, and quality of life.


1. Dra. MH Dewi Susilowati, MS
2. Dra. Tuty Handayani, MS.
3. Dra. Widyawati, MSP
4. Dr. Hafid Setiadi, MT
5. Dr. Triarko Nurlambang, MA
6. Dr. Dewi Susiloningtyas, M.Sc.
7. Dr. Hayuning Anggrahita, MSM.
8. Nurrokhmah Rizqihandari, M.Sc.
9. Ratri Candra Restuti, M.Sc.