Ecological Politics

This research group emphasizes the spatial dimensions of ecological problems in relation to power relations and socio-cultural processes as a reflection of the relationship between humans and the environment. Provide a critical study of the decision-making mechanism on a resource in a political, social and economic network that is strung together in various spatial scales. The main attention is paid to the spatial dimensions of allocation, control, access, conflict, and resource shifts and their implications for the pattern and quality of life in the lowlands/highlands, rural/urban, coastal/inland areas.


1. Dr. Dewi Susiloningtyas, S.Si., M.Sc.
2. Dr. Hafid Setiadi, S.Si., MT
3. Dr. Triarko Nurlambang, MA
4. Fathia Hashilah, S.Si., M.Env.Mgt.Dev.
5. Dr. Hayuning Anggrahita, S.Si., MSM
6. Ratri Candra Restuti, S.Si., M.Sc.