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Welcome to the Department of Geography Website

On behalf of the department and staff, I welcome you to the website of the Department of Geography, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Indonesia. Here you will find information about our departments, students and academic programs.

Geography is a science that studies all human activities and natural phenomena as well as the interactions between them through a spatial perspective to form certain spatial patterns. A holistic understanding of this phenomenon can create conceptual insight, spatial thinking skills, and applications that can be applied to various fields of work, such as regional planning and development, environmental management, forestry, mining, energy, industry, transportation, banking, management, marketing, education, and so on.

The Department of Geography has two study programs, namely undergraduate and postgraduate programs. There are 3 (three) groups of specialization fields, namely Physical Geography, Geographic Information System Applications/Remote Sensing, and Human Geography. With these three specializations, our teaching staff are members of 4 (four) research groups, namely Landscape Dynamics, Socio-Economic Transformation, Ecological Politics, and Spatial Information Technology for Life.

Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more about the Department and the opportunities it has to offer.

Dr. Supriatna, MT
Head of Department of Geography

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