Graduate Profile and Competencies


Become a center of excellence and reference and be able to contribute at the national, regional and international levels in supporting sustainable development in the field of Geography


The mission of the Master of Geography Science Program is:

  1. Organizing higher education in geography at the master's level based on competence and research to produce graduates who are highly intellectual, have good character and are able to compete nationally, regionally and internationally.
  2. Organizing research and development of geography at the master's level to produce innovations and solutions to support sustainable development.
  3. Organizing service activities or applied geography at the master's level to contribute and play an active role in increasing community capacity.

Educational goals

In line with the vision/mission above, the implementation of educational, research, and community service activities is aimed at:

  1. Produce graduates who are able to apply and develop science and technology in the field of geography for the welfare of society.
  2. Be professional and future-oriented within the framework of developing Geography to make a real contribution to building UI as a research university.

Graduate Profile

The educational process in the Geography Department of Geography UI Undergraduate Study Program is designed and implemented to produce graduates with the following profiles:

"Master of Science who has the ability to analyze and synthesize phenomena on the earth in a holistic manner as well as regional development based on the physical characteristics of the earth's surface, socio-economics and culture, using an interdisciplinary approach and geographic methods based on GIS and PJ technology"

Competence of graduates

1. Main Competencies

Master of Science in Geography who is able develop (C6) spatial information technology based spatial model/synthesis for decision making in sustainable living resource management through a multi/interdisciplinary approach

2. Supporting Competencies

  1. Capable validate (C5) comprehensive geographic data and information.
  2. Capable rate (C5) problems of living resources based on geographical work procedures as a whole.
  3. Capable rate (C5) in developing innovative GIS and PJ applications in certain applied fields
  4. Capable interpret (C5) the relationship between nature-humans based on a comprehensive spatial perspective
  5. Capable project (C5) geographical phenomenon spatially.
  6. Capable formulate (C6) opinions and conclusions about the problems of living resources based on facts and geographical theories
  7. Capable formulate (C6) geographic interpretation of a sustainable development problem related to spatial processes and systems
  8. Capable make (C6) model based on spatial synthesis.
  9. Capable show attitude (A5) professionalism in carrying out teaching, research, and analysis in interpreting geographic data independently by using scientific research principles in the field of geography