Center for Applied Geography Research

The Center for Applied Geography Research (PPGT) was established as a study institution to carry out the mission of meeting academic needs and the wider community in seeking answers and making decisions on increasingly complex human environmental spatial problems, both in terms of physical and non-physical. And by relying on and following the rapid development of Geographic Information System technology.

The Center for Applied Geography Research has 4 principles in carrying out its mission which consist of:

  • To develop new applications of the discipline of geography for the benefit of regional analysis to support development planning and environmental management;
  • To provide a group of experts in the field of spatial science, development of the use and exchange of spatial information and related technologies;
  • To provide spatial experts to support the effectiveness of research and development activities that have a spatial perspective;
  • To connect geography and technology to market demands.

As part of a research and service-oriented institution, PPGT provides the following services:

  • Services in data collection, basic data development (database), and map presentation.
  • Education in geography and spatial/regional science, training in spatial engineering including Remote Sensing, Digital Image Processing, Image Interpretation and its analysis, Geographic Information Systems, mapping Global Positioning System, and field data collection;
  • Consultants in spatial analysis and research for development planning and environmental management;

In each of its service activities, PPGT strives to provide added scientific value, both to the data presented and research activities. This additional mission is a scientific contribution of PPGT to the scientific community and the general public that is done through the process of adding value in research and other scientific activities.

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