Universitas Indonesia via DSTI UI has subscribed to the Microsoft Office 365 application to be used by UI academics (students, educators, and education staff). This Office 365 application is a package, which consists of many productivity applications (full list is in The mode of use is available in two options, namely the online version and the offline version (standalone). Please go to the link to access these Office 365 applications using your SSO UI account. If there are problems during the installation, please contact DSTI UI (info is in



Since 2013, the Department of Geography FMIPA UI has collaborated with PT. ESRI Indonesia which is a representation of ESRI Inc., a licensed software provider for spatial data processing known as ArcGIS. In 2020, the collaboration was increased from being departmental to institutional at the university level with Memorandum of Understanding Numbers 049/ESRI-EDU/MoU/2020 and 75/NKB/R/UI/2020. So that every academic community of the University of Indonesia can get the same opportunity in getting various programs and services provided by PT. ESRI Indonesia, including in obtaining licensed software from ESRI.

For UI academics who are interested in accessing the license, please fill out the following application:

University of Indonesia via DPASDP UI have subscribed to SPSS and Matlab applications in the form of a perpetual license (perpetually valid and without the need for subscription renewal). This application uses a network-concurrent-usage usage scheme, ie the application can be used as long as it is connected to the UI campus network and the total number of users at one time has not been exceeded. The quotas provided are:

Terms of Use:

  1. Applications may only be used within the University of Indonesia and for teaching purposes only. Use for research purposes is not permitted.
  2. The application uses the authentication system to the server. The user's computer must be connected to the UI network while using the App. Authenticated SPSS is marked with the words "SPSS Processor Available" which appears at the bottom of the application.
  3. Use the app sparingly. As long as the application is open, the usage rights are still attached to you. Immediately close SPSS when you have finished using it to give others a chance to use it.
  4. If the words "SPSS Processor Available" do not appear, it means that authentication failed. This could be due to network settings that are still not correct, or quota allotments that have exceeded the maximum number of users at one time. User can confirm his network settings. If the network is okay, it means that the quota is running out. The user can try again at a later time.