Spatial Data Processing Laboratory

Spatial Data Processing Laboratory is a laboratory dedicated to practicum courses such as Geographic Information Systems Practicum, Remote Sensing Practicum, Surveys and Mapping, Digital Cartography, Geographic Information System Applications, Design GIS WEBSITE, and Radar Remote Sensing.

This laboratory is also used for training held by the Department of Geography and various collaborating institutions, such as LPEM FEB UI, ESRI Indonesia, Open Street Map, etc.

Physical Geography Laboratory

Physical Geography Laboratory consists of geology, geomorphology, hydrology, and soil laboratories. In this lab there are several types of equipment used to conduct geological surveys, namely geological hammer, geological compass, microscope, rock comparison, Wentworth grain scale, altimeter, and hagameter. The facilities in this rock laboratory are managed by lecturers and students. Currently there are about 100 rock collections in the Geology Lab. Our collections consist mostly of igneous rock, metamorphic rock, and sedimentary rock sourced from various regions, especially in Sukabumi and Kebumen areas. We plan to add and identify other rocks from the Karangsambung area in our collection. This will be achieved from our students' exploratory research and contributions from others.

Computing Laboratory

The 3rd Floor Computer Laboratory is one of the supporting facilities for students in Geography in room H.301. The facilities in this Lab are managed and used by Lecturers and Students. In this Lab there are 25 Sets of Computer Equipment with the specifications of the Windows 8 OS, Intel i5 Processor, 4GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, and 16-inch Monitor, and all devices have been connected to LAN and Wifi networks. With these specifications, this laboratory is used as a relatively light data processing in UPGeo. Some of the software we use in this practicum are Microsoft Excel, SPSS, and R. In the future we want to develop the use of this lab in addition to lecture activities, but can also be used by external parties as a lab to process quantitative data from the results. study.