Landscape Dynamics

This research group discusses landscape processes and systems both shaped by natural laws and human influences and how landscape changes have an impact on life. Particular attention is paid to dynamics and processes in the tropical environment, land-atmosphere interactions, and interactions between mountainous, coastal, hilly landscapes, climate phenomena (climate change, hydrometeorological disasters) and human systems (adaptation and resilience) as the basis for disaster and ecosystem studies. .


1. Dr. rer.nat. Eko Kusratmoko, MS
2. Dr. Supriatna, MT
3. Dr. Mangapul P. Tambunan, MS
4. Dr. Tito Latief Indra, M.Sc.
5. Dra. Ratna Saraswati, MS
6. Dra. Astrid Damayanti, M.Sc.
7. Andry Rustanto, S.Si., M.Sc.
8. Nurul Sri Rahatiningtyas, M.Sc.
9. Kuswantoro, S.Si., M.Sc.
10. Satria Indratmoko, M.Sc.
11. Faris Zulkarnain, MT
12. Riza Putera, M.Si.