To become a center of excellence and national reference in the field of Geography that is able to contribute at the global level in supporting sustainable development, we have 3 (three) groups of specialization fields, namely Physical Geography, Geographic Information System Applications/Remote Sensing and Human Geography.


Our teaching staff are members of 4 (four) research groups, namely Landscape Dynamics, Socio-Economic Transformation, Ecological Politics, and Spatial Information Technology for Life. From these four research groups, we have produced various reputable publications, proceedings, and intellectual property rights. In our efforts to foster research interest, we have a platform to publish research in the field of geography in the Journal of Tropical Environmental Geography which has been accredited at the national level. In addition, we have a Center for Applied Geography Research.

Community Engagement

In carrying out the tri dharma of higher education, our Department carries out activities not only education, research, but also community service activities. So, through this community service activity, we can also disseminate the research and education that we do to be able to educate the public and get input from the community for further education and research.

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The Department of Geography organize a reboan forum every Wednesday from 10 to 11 in the Main Seminar Room. In addition, it also organizes various scientific forums such as national and international seminars.

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This testimony is a long process carried out between the Department of Geography as an educational institution that implements one of the tri dharmas of higher education by collaborating with various institutions and institutions that have existed for a long time and are still well established today.