Ecological Politics

This research group emphasizes the spatial dimensions of ecological problems about power relations and socio-cultural processes as a reflection of the relationship between humans and the environment. Provide a critical study of the decision-making mechanism for a resource in a political, social, and economic network that is strung together in various spatial scales. The main attention is to focus on the spatial dimensions of allocation, control, access, conflict, and resource shifts and their implications for the pattern and quality of life in the lowlands/highlands, rural/urban, coastal/inland areas.


1. Dr. Dewi Susiloningtyas, S.Si., M.Si.
2. Dr. Hafid Setiadi, S.Si., M.T.
3. Dr. Triarko Nurlambang, M.A.
4. Fathia Hashilah, S.Si., M.Env.Mgt.Dev.
5. Dr. Hayuning Anggrahita, S.Si., M.S.M.
6. Ratri Candra Restuti, S.Si., M.Si.


  • Spatial and temporal pattern of soil conservation in mountain ecosystem: Case study of Patuha Mountain, West Java-Indonesia (2020)
    Authors: Firdhauzi, S.N., Damayanti, A., Semedi, J.M., Dimyati, M.
  • The spatial pattern of the availability and needs ratio of rice in Lebak regency, Banten province (2020)
    Authors: Susilowati, M.H.D., Susiloningtyas, D., Restuti, R.C., Wibowo, A.
  • Fishermen’s perception of fisheries resources and water condition in Kretek District, Parangtritis (2020)
    Author: Susiloningtyas, D.
  • Mapping Potential Area of Sustainable Food Agriculture Area in Somba Opu Sub-District, Gowa Regency (2020)
    Authors: Miranti, S.A., Setiadi, H., Erthalia, M.
  • Livelihoods sustainability pattern in Sangrawayang Village, Simpenan District, Sukabumi Regency (2020)
    Authors: Kamiludin, F., Setiadi, H., Sumadio, W.
  • Estimation of suitable habitat and fishing ground for Leiognathus splendens (Cuvier, 1829) in Blanakan coast based on environmental and metal Zn parameters (2020)
    Authors: Takarina, N.D., Pin, T.G.
  • Growing households’ income through non-timber forest products (2020)
    Authors: Sudaryanto, Khairinissa, G., Utomo, S.W., Waryono, T.
  • Spatial patterns of land prices changing around toll gates (Cipali Toll Road case study) (2020)
    Authors: Fakhruddin, A., Nurlambang, T., Sumadio, W.
  • Estimation of rice productivity using Sentinel-2 imagery with NDVI algorithm in Cariu sub-district, Bogor, West Java (2020)
    Authors: Sahararini, A.F., Supriatna, Wibowo, A.
  • Geothermal prospect areas based on physical characteristics using remote sensing at Cimandiri Fault, West Java (2020)
    Authors: Anika, S., Supriatna, S., Erthalia, M., Rokhmatuloh
  • Identification of Dry Areas on Agricultural Land using Normalized Difference Drought Index in Magetan Regency (2020)
    Authors: Rismayatika, F., Saraswati, R., Shidiq, I.P.A., Taqyyudin
  • The potential of agricultural drought according to brightness and wetness index on Kebumen district (2020)
    Authors: Rasjiddin, A.I., Sobirin, S., Waryono, T.
  • Exposure pattern of tobacco cultivation places due to climate change in Probolinggo district, East Java (2020)
    Authors: Sobirin, Dzikraini, F., Indra, T.L.